Kastar Battery and LKD USB Charger Compatible with Sony CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR
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Kastar Battery and LKD USB Charger Compatible with Sony CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR CCD-TR

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Compatible NP-F330 NP-F550 NP-F570 NP-F730 NP-F750 NP-F770 NP-F950 NP-F960 NP-F970 Sony CCD-RV100 RV200 SC5 SC6 SC7 SC8 SC9 SC55 SC65 CCD-TR1 TR11 TR1100 E TR12 TR18 TR2 TR200 TR205 TR215 TR2200 TR2300 TR280 TR290 TR3 TR300 TR311 TR315 TR317 TR3000 TR3100 TR3200 TR3300 TR411 TR412 TR413 TR414 TR415 TR416 TR425 TR427 TR500 TR511 TR512 TR515 TR516 TR517 TR555 TR57 TR67 TR610 TR617 TR618 TR640 TR710 TR713 TR716 TR717 TR718 TR728 TR730 TR76 TR760 TR8000 E TR8100 TR810 TR818 TR840 TR845 TR87 TR8 E TR910 TR913 TR917 TR918 TR930 TR940 TR950 TR97 TRT97 TRV101 TRV15 TRV16 TRV17 TRV201 TRV215 TRV25 TRV26 TRV27 TRV300 TRV3000 TRV315 TRV35 TRV36 TRV37 TRV4 TRV41 TRV43 TRV45 TRV46 TRV47 TRV48 TRV49 TRV51 TRV510 TRV517 TRV54 TRV55 TRV56 TRV57 TRV58 TRV59 TRV615 TRV62 TRV65 TRV66 TRV67 TRV68 TRV71 TRV715 TRV716 TRV72 TRV720 TRV75 TRV78 TRV80 TRV81 TRV815 TRV82 TRV85 TRV86 TRV87 TRV88 TRV90 TRV91 TRV92 TRV93 TRV930 TRV94 TRV940 TRV95 TRV97 TRV98 TRV99 DSC-CD100 CD250 CD400 D700 D770 CRX10 U CVX-V18 NS V18 NSPDCR-TR7 TR7000 TR7100 TR8000 TR8100 TRU47 TRV103 TRV110 TRV120 TRV125 TRV130 TRV203 TRV210 TRV220 TRV310 TRV315 TRV320 TRV410 TRV420 TRV49 TRV5 TRV510 TRV520 TRV525 TRV58 TRV620 TRV7 TRV720 TRV735 TRV820 TRV9 TRV900 TV900 VX1000 VX2000 VX2000 E VX2001 DCR-VX2100 VX2100 E VX700 VX9 VX9000 DSR-DU1 DSR-200 DSR-PD100 PD150 PD170 PD190 DSR-V10 EVO-250 DKC-FP3 GV-A100 A500 A500 E A700 D200 D300 D700 D800 D900 HD700 EHDR-AX2000 FX1 FX1000 FX1000 E FX7 FX7 E HDV-FX1 Z1 HVL-20 DW 20 DW2 LBPA ML20 HVR-DR60 HD1000 M10 V1 Z1 Z5 Z7 HVR-AU1 HXR-MC1500 MC2000 MC2500 NX100 NX3 NX5 NX5 R MPK-DVF4 MVC-CD1000 CD400 CHF81 CKF81 FD100 FD200 FD5 FD51 FD7 FD71 FD73 FD75 FD81 FD83 FD85 FD87 FD88 FD90 FD91 FD92 FD95 FD97 FDR1 FDR3 PBD-D50 V30 PLM-100 PLM-50 PLM-A35 A55 Q002-HDR1 UPX-2000 NEX-EA50 M NEX-FS100 FS700 R FS700 RH FDR-AX1 PXW-Z100 Z150 Z Cam E2 E2-S6 E2-F6 E2-F8 E2-M4 LED Light CN-126 CN-160 CN-216 CN-304 VL600 YN300 GVM LED480 LED520 LED672 LED896 Battery Type : Lithium-Ion; Battery Voltage : 7.4 V; Battery Capacity : 2900m Ah. Kastar LCD Dual Slot charger, can charge 2 batteries at the same time. Easy to carry. The Charger Input : 5 V 2 A 10 W; Output : 8.4 V 650m A(x2). Intelligent LCD charger displays charging status and battery capacity. Multiple charging option, Micro-USB input and Type-C input, come with a Micro USB cable.